SEACAP Local Living Labs Training in Aqaba

Local Living Labs Training from 12-13 March, 2023 in Aqaba, Jordan

The Royal Scientific Society in cooperation with Aqaba Special Zone Authority (ASEZA) organized the first Local Living Labs Training in Aqaba, Jordan.

The training introduced the concept and goals of Living Labs (LLs), green procurement procedures, in addition to methods, tools, and best practices related to energy efficiency and renewable energy in municipal buildings, and how to implement the introduced methods in Jordan and in ASEZA.

Med SE(A)CAP integration through uniform adapted assessment and financing methods, mainly targeting buildings in education and health sectors, for sustainable development goals in a smart society aims to reduce energy consumption in public buildings through cost-effective approaches to energy refurbishment, integrating Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plans and innovative financial mechanisms.

SEACAP 4 SDG is part of ENI CBC MED Pogramme (Cooperation across borders in the Mediterranean) funded by the European Union.


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