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Lighting Testing Laboratory

First accredited lab in Jordan for testing energy effi­ciency class for lamps

The lab is accredited according to Jordanian Technical Regulation 2092: Energy e­fficiency labeling of household electric lamps.

The lab is capable of testing and verifying energy e­fficiency class of lamps by measuring luminous flux and input power parameters. The energy effi­ciency of the lamp is rated in terms of a set of energy effi­ciency classes from A to G on the label; A being the most energy effi­cient, and G the least effi­cient.

To view Lighting Testing Lab Brochure,click here.

The lab is capable of testing the following lamp types:

 Double capped fluorescent lamps

 Single capped fluorescent lamps

 Tungsten halogen lamps

 Tungsten filament lamps

 Self- ballasted LED lamps

 Self -ballasted lamps

The lighting testing lab performs tests on lamps according to the following standards:

 JS EN 60081: Double-capped fluorescent lamps - Performance specifications

 JS EN 60901: Single-capped fluorescent lamps - Performance specifications

 JS IEC 60969: Self-ballasted lamps for general lighting services - Performance requirements

 IEC 60064: Tungsten filament lamps for domestic and similar general lighting purposes – Performance requirements

 IEC 60357: Tungsten halogen lamps (non-vehicle) – Performance specifications

 IEC 62612: Self-ballasted LED lamps for general lighting services with supply voltages > 50 V – Performance requirements

 CIE 84: Measurement of Luminous Flux

 CIE 127: Measurement of LEDs

 CIE S 025: Test Method for LED Lamps, LED Luminaires and LED Modules

 CIE 121: The Photometry and Goniophotometry of Luminaires

 JS 2092:Energy e­fficiency labeling of household electric lamps

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