High-Level Policy Dialogue for Municipalities in Tunisia

High-Level Policy Dialogue for Municipalities - Nexus Thinking and Decentralization of Subnational Governments within MINARET II project

The Royal Scientific Society / National Energy Research Centre organized an event at Le Maison de L’exportateur (CEPEX) in Tunisia on 28 and 29 June 2022 titled “High-Level Policy Dialogue” at municipal level, in cooperation with Raoued and Manouba municipalities, and the presence of GIZ and European Union in Tunisia within MINARET II project.

The event focused on empowering and catalyzing the municipalities’ role to run environmental projects within the nexus framework through a decentralized scheme; allowing municipalities to generate funds in compliance with the local legislations so that to enhance livelihood in the community.

Participants from national ministries (interior, energy, water and environment) as well as beneficiary municipalities from Raoued and Manouba discussed the important role that local governance structures have in preparing their communities to address the challenges of climate change with integrated and innovative solutions.

Regional experts exchanged knowledge and experience on access to finance and the nexus approach and engaged in enriching discussions that facilitate the sharing of experiences and initiatives from both a national and a regional perspective. These covered the challenges currently being faced by municipalities, the lessons learned from previous experiences and projects, and recommended solutions and suggestions.

The event concluded with a series of recommendations that aim to improve access to finance and mainstream the nexus approach through innovative financing mechanisms and facilities, capacity building, awareness raising, gender empowerment, and community engagement.

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