Future of Public Buildings in EE & RE in Jordan

Future of Public Buildings in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in the Mediterranean 

28 February, 2023

The Royal Scientific Society / National Energy Research Centre conducted a workshop "Future of Public Buildings in Jordan" within Sole Project under ENI CBC MED programme on Tuesday 28/2/2023 at the Royal Hotel – Amman.

The workshop aims to promote the concept of improving energy performance and developing local and joint policy recommendations for energy renovations of public buildings, replicable in other Mediterranean area and develop the necessary policies and legislation.

Participants discussed the future of the energy efficient public buildings in the year 2050, related to the optimal design and practical procedures through cost-effective and innovative energy rehabilitations.

Participants identified the different roles of partners and stakeholders in the field of energy efficiency in public buildings, discussed financing mechanisms and legislations affecting energy efficiency in public buildings and stressed the need to develop a special guide concerned to the rehabilitation of existing buildings to improve its energy performance.

Sole Success Story

The Royal Scientific Society / National Energy Research Centre as a main partner of Sole project in Jordan, and in charge of the supervision on the project, presented the energy efficiency measures and renewable energy technologies implemented in Iskan Al-Faiha’ School in Madaba.

The most important measures are the thermal insulation as well as upgrading the electrical capacity of the school’s building to handle the new procedures implemented, which are: installing inverter air-conditions units in all classrooms and administration offices, installing solar photovoltaic system to generate electricity that covers 100% of energy consumption of the building, installing solar water heaters to provide hot water in winter and replacing lighting units with energy-saving units.

Mrs. Entisar Al-Mahamid, the principal of Iskan Al-Faiha’ School, spoke about the importance of the project in improving the educational environment in terms of the quality of lighting and heating in winter and cooling in summer, which had a positive impact on students inside the classroom, in addition to reducing the electricity consumption.

 “High Energy Efficiency for the Public Stock Buildings in Mediterranean – (Sole)” is implemented through Cross Border Cooperation for the Mediterranean (ENI CBC MED) Programme and funded by the European Union.

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