Presenting the First Draft of Jordan's National Cooling Strategy

Second Working Group Meeting for the National Cooling Strategy

20 June, 2023

The Royal Scientific Society / National Energy Research Centre in cooperation with the Jordanian Ministry of Environment, conducted the second working group meeting for the National Cooling Strategy (NCS) on 20 June 2023.

Cool Up partners presented the first draft of the National Cooling Strategy, which outlines a roadmap for optimizing cooling technologies, reducing energy consumption, and minimizing environmental impacts.

The working group members coming from public, industry and finance sectors, provided valuable feedback and suggestions that were carefully considered to refine and strengthen the strategy further, until reaching the final version.

Partners discussed with the stakeholders the way forward towards the National Cooling Action Plan, which will outline specific measures and implementation timelines. and the next steps for achieving the final National Cooling Strategy.

The next step following this meeting, will be adding the working group members' feedback into the strategy, to be prsented next month to the Steering Committee members.

Watch this video to get some insights on the meeting:


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