About Energy Efficiency

The Energy Efficiency concept means the optimal and efficient use of energy and does not mean parsimony that affects the welfare and comfort feeling. Energy is considered as the most difficult industry, the most expensive in production and construction, and distinct from the other goods that must be constantly flowing to the consumers. Energy conservation and improving energy efficiency is the key tool and mean for reducing the growing demand for energy and easing its economic burdens. It can be characterized by its easiness, speedy and lower cost in implementation compared to establishing new plants to provide energy.

The National Energy Research Center provides various services in the field of energy conservation and the implementing projects related to energy efficiency and solar thermal energy.

About Solar Thermal

The National Energy Research Center worked on the development of domestic solar water heaters according to the criteria that guarantee a low cost of unit, ease of installation and maintenance and the utilization of materials normally available in the country. 

NERC designed and produced pilot systems in its workshop since the early 1970s and were installed all over Jordan. As a result, two Jordanian workshops began in 1973 producing solar water heaters. In the following years, the solar water heaters became popular and widely accepted and utilized. A typical solar water heater in Jordan is the thermosiphon type consisting of 3 collectors with an area of approximately 4 m2, storage tank, cold water supply tank, stand and the required piping.  

NERC conducts research & development and demonstration projects, providing technical consultations in the field of solar energy. It also aims at developing the appropriate equipment and systems for application in Jordan and know-how transfer of solar energy applications.

NERC’s main field of expertise in the field of solar thermal energy extends to: 

  1. Solar space heating and cooling.
  2. Passive Solar Application 
  3. Solar cookers.
  4. Drying crops. 
  5. Electric power generation by using CSP.
  6. Solar Desalination of seawater and brackish water.
  7. Water heating for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.
  8. Heating of outdoor and indoor swimming pools.  

In addition, NERC conducts studies concerning the determination of solar energy application potential in Jordan, investigation of the socioeconomic impacts of renewable energy systems in remote areas and techno-economic feasibility studies.

The following topics are covered in the solar thermal training:

 SWHS Optimal Design.

 Solar component loops & connections.

 Solar System Applications: Case Study.

 Financial analysis.

 Pumping System Design.

 Vacuum Tube Collectors

 Solar Radiation 

 Solar Collector Marketing.

 Collector Performance.

 Solar Software: T-Sol & TRNSYS

 Solar Cooling System.

 Errors in local Solar Collector Installation.

 Concentrated Solar Power (CSP).

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