Spanish Dissemination Event

Spanish Dissemination Event

10 July, 2023

Under the framework of the SEACAP 4 SDG project, the Royal Scientific Society (RSS) / National Energy Research Center (NERC) participated in the project's dissemination seminar and study tour held in Barcelona, Valencia, and Alicante, Spain from the 10th to the 12th of July 2023. The three-day event was hosted and organized by the Institute for Research in Energy of Catalonia (IREC) in Barcelona, as well as the Valencia Institute of Building (IVE) in Valencia and Alicante.

Key Activities/Results

Day 1 - (10th July, 2023)

  1. Attendance of the project's dissemination seminar, which featured several presentations on best practices implemented in Catalonian municipalities regarding the development of SECAPs. The event was attended by the SEACAP 4 SDG project partners' teams and various actors from the energy research field.
  2. Study tour of Barcelona municipality.

Day 2 - (11th July, 2023)

  1. Attending the meeting on the overview and results of the implemented services, where various topics related to the project's progress, budget, and timeline were discussed.
  2. As the leader of Work Package 5 (WP5), the RSS team delivered a presentation to all partners, showcasing the progress made in the work package and outlining the necessary next steps to be completed before the project's conclusion.

Day 3 - (12th July, 2023)

  1. Attending the public conference titled "Management and Development of SEACAPs in the Alicante Region," which featured several presentations and panel discussions on SEACAPs in Alicante city. The event included a presentation of the SEACAP 4 SDG project to the audience, along with a case study of the municipality of Sax, which was selected as a pilot municipality for improving their SEACAPs using the project's Toolkit.
  2. Study tour of the Alicante municipality.

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