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Eng. Nidal Abdalla

Eng. Nidal Yacoub Abdalla, Manager of Bio-Energy and Wind Energy Division at the Royal Scientific Society/National Energy Research Centre, he has a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineer in 1999. He is a key engineer in energy efficiency, Concentrate Solar Power (CSP) and a researcher in solar thermal studies energy and bioenergy studies. He implemented two biogas digesters located in Irbid, North of Jordan. He is one of the authors of a book titled “Solar Water Heater sizing and system design”. He is one of the auditors for the “Jordanian Solar Energy code”. He published many papers in passive and active solar heating systems and energy conservation. He managed and conducted several energy audits in water pumping sector, HVAC system in industry and commercial buildings. He is working at NERC since 2000.

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