Wind Projects

Al Fujaij Wind Turbine:

As part of the Wind Energy and Concentrating Solar Power Project (WECSP) project:

A 1.65 MW wind turbine is installed at Al-Fujeij site which is part of the TWT-1.65 wind turbine family from MTOI- Spanish Company. The TWT-1.65 wind turbines have active pitch power control and variable rotor speed.

Its  electrical  machine  is  a  multi-pole  variable  speed  synchronous  generator  connected  to  the  grid  through  an  electrical converter to supply 1650kW active power; the wind turbine is able to generate reactive power up to cosPhi 0.9, both capacitive and inductive. The generator couples directly to the rotor main shaft with no gearbox.

The  turbine  rotor  has  three  blades  located  upwind  (in  front  of  the  tower).  The  machine  has  an  auxiliary  mechanism  for  the nacelle  orientation  (yaw  system)  to  keep  the  rotor  aligned  towards  the  incident  wind  direction.  Rotor blades have pitch mechanisms to regulate the output power constant above the rated wind speed.

The control system monitors and controls all the wind turbine functions and the turbine is built on a tubular steel tower with a total hub height of 71m.


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