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Testo 845 Adjustable Focus Infrared Thermometer

The testo 845 is a compact infrared thermometer with switch optics for the non-contact measurement of surface temperatures. The switchable optics for far-field and close focus measurements make it possible to measure at short as well as at greater distances. Measurements in the far field are taken at an optical resolution of 75:1. This allows surface temperatures to be measured accurately even at greater distances to the measurement object. At a distance of 1.2 metres to the measurement object, the measurement point diameter is only 16 mm. A cross laser marks the measurement site exactly.

Whether close up or at a long distance, the Testo 845 gives you readings with an accuracy of 0.75% or better, plus it can also log the data points for analysis (up to 90 points). This Testo IR thermometer features a wide range of -30 to 1750 °F (-35 to +950 °C) and a spectral range of 8 to 14 µm. Other features for the Testo 845 include pinpoint laser sighting, ultra-fast capabilities (100 m sec), MIN/MAX values and alarm limits.

The Testo 845 adjustable focus IR thermometer comes complete with PC software, USB cable, tripod mounting bracket, carry case, wrist strap, and battery and calibration certificate.


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