Energy Efficiency And Solar Thermal Projects

SUDEP Project 2015-2017: Making Sahab City Green
Sustainable Urban Demonstration Project - Green Development at Sahab Municipality

The Main Project objective is to enable Sahab Municipality in Jordan to be a pilot for the local authorities in ENPI South partner countries to address local sustainable development challenges related to energy through the following specific objectives:

  • Develop a local Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Plan for Sahab Municipality to transform it into a green municipality and reduce CO2 emissions in different sectors
  • Promote and implement energy efficiency, energy savings & renewable energy measures at Sahab Municipality buildings as replicable pilots for other municipalities in Jordan
  • Introduce energy efficient technologies such as indoor and outdoor efficient lighting bulbs and gear
  • Build capacities of employees of Sahab Municipality in the field of sustainable energy
  • Raise public awareness of the general public and relevant stakeholders and involve them in finding solutions for the energy sustainability in line with National Energy Strategies
  • Enable Sahab to become a model  Municipality through joining the Covenant of Mayors and through implementing energy efficiency demonstration pilots at their buildings such as cultural centre, stadium, schools, masjids and bus stations

Some of the achieved results:

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