Energy Efficiency And Solar Thermal Projects

SOLE PROJECT “Energy efficiency for the Public Stock Buildings in Mediterranean Area.”

The Royal Scientific Society (RSS) - National Energy Research Centre (NERC) in cooperation with ENI CBC MED are implementing the SOLE PROJECT “Energy efficiency for the Public Stock Buildings in Mediterranean Area.” This project supports cost-effective and innovative energy rehabilitations of public buildings, supported by European Union, European Neighborhood Instrument (ENI). It is jointly implemented in more than seven countries including Jordan, in which a pilot project will be implemented in Madaba, Jordan by the RSS/NERC. The project focuses on increasing the use of efficient and renewable energy-based heating and cooling systems.

Project Summary

SOLE project aims to create joint strategies to support cost-effective and innovative energy-saving interventions in the public building sector in order to enhance the capacity of public institutions in Mediterranean countries to plan and implement sustainable energy policies. The project is built on strengthening shared knowledge about energy rehabilitation. SOLE will test innovative techniques and energy measures in 7 public buildings to improve energy performance, as well as implement capacity-building and awareness campaigns to promote behavioral change, and capitalize on these results at the Mediterranean level.

Project Impact:

  • Increased proportion of renewable sources in the energy mix.
  • Reduced electricity consumption and reduced emissions from public buildings.
  • Economic savings for public authorities thanks to reduced energy consumption costs.
  • Impact in terms of job creation, both in the building / construction sector and as energy managers of public buildings.

 Recommended Energy Efficiency Measures and Renewable Energy Systems are as following:

  • Replacing Lighting Units
  • Domestic hot water System
  • Thermal insulation external walls and roofs, double glaze with PVC frame
  • Heating and cooling systems (AC split units)
  •  PV System (84 kWp)

Project in Numbers:

  • 11 Partners
  • 7 Countries (Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Spain)
  • 13 Technical Outputs

To learn more about SOLE project, please follow the links below:

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