RSS Wins Two Prizes from Al Hussein Fund

The Royal Scientific Society won two awards from Al Hussein Fund for Innovation and Excellence for the year 2016.

The Water and Environment Center at the Royal Scientific Society won the first prize of Al Hussein Award for Environmental Innovation and Excellence for the project "Aquaculture on the Roofs: A New and Innovative Approach to Food Security in Urban Areas" implemented by Eng. Mohamad Ahmad Mashatleh.

The second prize was awarded to the National Energy Research Center (NREC) with half of Al Hussein Award for Innovation and Excellence in Alternative Energy for the project "Innovation Promotion in the Mediterranean Region through the Development of Innovative Models using High Technology to be applied on small and medium-sized enterprises - Fostering Solar Technology in the Mediterranean Area". The project was carried out by the project team engineers; Eng. Shaker Hammad, Eng. Dyala Haddad, Eng. Hazem Assi, Eng. Saif Abu Bakr, Eng. Sahel Bani Moustafa, Eng. Rashed Manna and Eng. Abeer Arafat.

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