Sole Project - Implementing Pilot Action in Iskan Al-Faiha School in Madaba

Sole Project - Implementing a Pilot Action in Iskan Al-Faiha School in Madaba

The Royal Scientific Society/ National Energy Research Centre has implemented a pilot project in “Iskan Al-Faiha School” in Madaba through SOLE project (High Energy efficiency for the public stock Buildings in Mediterraneanin) in collaboration with ENI CBC Med within the period of five months. The pilot project aims at promoting the use of energy efficient technologies and renewable energy in public buildings.

Several energy efficiency interventions were implemented to improve the energy performance of the building and provide the students with improved educational environment. These interventions include:

  • Replacement of inefficient lamps with efficient LED.
  • Building thermal insulation.
  • Installing inverter AC units for space heating and cooling.
  • Installing domestic hot water system.
  • Utilizing renewable energy (solar PV system) to cover the electrical demand.
  • A control & monitoring system for the AC split units, lighting system and the PV system ensuring the optimal operation of energy consuming equipment.

All measures were implemented by MMC Contractors.

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