National Workshop on Energy Performance Certificates for Buildings

Build-ME National Workshop on Energy Performance Certificates for Buildings

14 May, 2024

On May 14, 2024, the Royal Scientific Society (RSS) and Guidehouse spearheaded a pivotal the 2nd national workshop aimed at advancing energy efficiency in the building sector and the energy performance certificate (EPC) in Jordan. Held at Le Royal Hotel, Amman, the event convened stakeholders from across the spectrum, including energy specialists, government officials, financial institutions, contractors, and academia. This gathering marked a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts of the BUILD_ME project to accelerate zero-emission building sector ambitions in the MENA region.

The workshop provided a platform to unveil the latest developments in the BUILD_ME project's quest for energy efficiency. Eng. Firas Alawneh, Director of the National Energy Research Center, and Eng. Riadh Bhar, Project Manager of BUILD_ME from Guidehouse, delivered the opening remarks, setting the tone for the day's discussions. Eng. Sawsan Bawarsh of the National Energy Research Center provided an insightful overview of the project's objectives, setting the stage for deeper exploration.

A highlight of the workshop was the unveiling of updates to the Building Energy Performance (BEP) Tool, a cornerstone of the project's toolkit for enhancing building energy efficiency. Eng. Malik Alwan, Head of the Green Structure Department at the Royal Scientific Society, shed light on the importance of energy performance certificates for buildings, emphasizing their role in driving the transition towards higher energy-efficient buildings.

Eng. Nidal Abdalla, Manager of Bio-Energy & Wind at RSS/NERC, detailed the new features of the BEP tool, , while Eng. Riadh Bhar of Guidehouse provided insights into the project's future trajectory, including version 2.0 enhancements. A spirited exchange during the Q&A session underscored the collective commitment to leveraging these tools and frameworks to propel energy-efficient building projects forward.

The workshop also served as a catalyst for strategic dialogue on accessing financing channels for energy-efficient buildings. Eng. Eslam Mahdy, Managing Consultant at Guidehouse, delved into cooperation opportunities with funding agencies, laying the groundwork for future collaboration.

As the BUILD_ME project continues to unfold, the Royal Scientific Society, in collaboration with Guidehouse, remains steadfast in its mission to drive sustainable change in Jordan's building sector. Supported by the International Climate Initiative (IKI) of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, this initiative stands as a testament to the power of partnership in advancing environmental stewardship and economic prosperity.

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