BEEP Project: NERC is contracting for BIM

Agreement with Sterling for Building Information Modelling (Sterling BIM) Company

3 June 2021

On the first of June 2021, the Royal Scientific Society/National Energy Research Centre has signed an agreement with Sterling for Building Information Modelling (Sterling BIM) Company, whereby Sterling company will develop a virtual model using the Heritage Building Information Modelling (HBIM) process for the hospitality building of Al Karak Municipality. The model will represent the constructive system and technological characteristics of the building (vertical and horizontal structural system, materials and energy performance of the Building). 

The use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) to pursue energy efficiency (EE) in buildings is an emerging technology and the test on built heritage (EE-HBIM) is necessary to demonstrate its scalability to the entire building stock. The EE-HBIM approach will provide Public Administrations (PA) with a powerful method for the energy rehabilitation of public buildings, from the analyses to the financial plans, to be supported with private funds through the Energy Performance Contracting (EPC, based on the energy bills savings of energy-improved buildings).

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