Cool Up: Jordan Thematic Group Meeting

Thematic Group Meetings of Jordan Stakeholders in March 2022

In 2022, Cool Up successfully carried out the second set of thematic group meetings in Jordan involving policy, industry, and finance players. The objective of the online meetings was to share the experience, challenges, and needs of the key stakeholders in facing the HFC phase-down and switching towards sustainable cooling technologies. In addition to receiving feedback regarding policy recommendations. ​

Policy Thematic Working Group

On the 23rd of March, 61 participants attended Jordan policy and regulatory thematic group meeting with public sector stakeholders. The working group agenda started with welcoming and opening remarks from RSS, NOU, and Guidehouse. Stakeholders were enthusiastic in learning more about the Cool Up program and are looking forward to the next round of discussions.

Industry and Finance Working Group

The Jordanian Industry thematic group met online on March 24, with 55 participants. Many key market players attended the working group. Abdin Industrial and Petra Engineering Industries shared their insights concerning the Natural refrigerants transition and recommended actions to accelerate the transition to sustainable cooling. Participants were engaged and interested in Cool Up's success so far, and they were eager to hear about Cool Up's efforts in their particular industries.

The next round of thematic group meetings will focus mainly on the Capacity building to introduce the concept of Natural refrigerant. The upcoming meeting will also gather insights from public and private sector stakeholders on the main challenges and opportunities to boost the new technologies.

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