Energy Efficiency And Solar Thermal Projects

Solar-Powered Pumping Project for the Agriculture Sector in Jordan (EU Project) - 2017

RSS/NERC and the Ministry of Environment are currently developing and executing solar-powered pumping project for the agricultural sector in Jordan. The project aims to adopt energy conservation and renewable energy practices in 300 farming units located in Jordan valley (200 units) and High-lands “Mafraq, Azraq, Madaba” (100 units) not only to reduce those units’ dependence on the conventional types of energy but also to assist Jordan in achieving its energy strategy targets.

As part of the development process, RSS/NERC had performed energy assessments for 350 farming units - in close collaboration with Water Authority of Joran and Jordan Valley Authority to select the targeted 300 units where the selection process relied on clear and specific criteria for both the valley and High-lands’ units. 

It is worth mentioning that this project is fully funded by the European Union through the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Program II and will be fully executed by July 2019 through the following stages:

  • 46 Photovoltaic systems in Jordan valley and southern Ghour area
  • 166 Photovoltaic systems in Jordan valley and southern Ghour area
  • 106 Photovoltaic systems in the highlands

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